Belle île Restaurant
Explore the Flavors of Belle Île


A feast for the senses


Explore the Flavors of Belle Île

Check out our varied menu that marries local tradition with a breath of innovation. Each dish is a work of culinary art, prepared with passion and served against the splendid panorama of Lake Como. We are proud to offer a selection that satisfies the most refined palates, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

  • Mixed lake appetizers (1,4,7,9,10,12) €18
  • Panzanella and fried anchovies (1,4) €14
  • Tropea onions strudel with hot parmesan fondue (1,3,7) €15
  • Raw Piedmontese beef tartare, robiola cheese and hazelnut crumbs (1,7,8,10) €18
  • Tuna, ginger and green apple tartare (4) €19
  • Veal in two sauces (3,4,10) €18
First dishes
  • Spaghettone, bagna cauda di missoltino and herb-flavored bread (1,4,7) €15
  • Homemade pasta ‘raviolo’ with ricotta and spinach (1,3,7) €17
  • Risotto with lime and prawns (2,4,7) €18
  • Homemade stuffed pasta ‘tortello’ di Lavarello (lake fish) with butter, herb ‘segrigiola’ and confit tomatos (1,3,4,7) €18
  • Homemade pasta “pappardelle” with lamb ragout (1,3,9) €17
  • Fusillone di Gragnano (pasta) with fresh tuna, cherry tomatoes, capers, olives and oregano (1.4) €18
Main courses
  • Lake fish of the day (1, 4,7) €24
  • Sliced seared tuna, sesame and soya reduction (1,4,6,11 €25
  • Milanese (1,3,7) €28
  • Argentinian beef fillet, bacon and red wine reduction (12) €28
  • Duck leg lt and citrus sauce €24
  • Selection of local cheeses - Az. Agricola 'La Fiorita' (7.8) €14
  • Tiramisù (1,3,7) €8
  • Warm almond cake and custard (3,7,8) €8
  • Orange parfait (3,7) €8
  • Sicilian artisan cannolo with ricotta ice cream and chocolate fondue (1,3,7,8) €8
  • Miascia, bread cake and cinnamon ice cream (1,3,7,8) €7
  1. Gluten (cereals and derivatives): flour, cereals, wheat, rye, barley, oat, spelt, kamut with derivatives and hybridized included
  2. Crustaceans: prawns, lobster, crab, hermit crab and similar
  3. Egg: mayonnaise, omelette, emulsifiers, egg pasta, biscuits, cake, quiche, ice creams
  4. Fish: all those products that contain it in small parts
  5. Peanut: packaged snacks, creams and condiments that contain it in small parts
  6. Soy: milk, tofu, spaghetti
  7. Milk: yogurt, biscuits and cakes, ice cream and every food or product that contains it
  8. Nut: almond, hazelnut, nuts, cashew nuts, pistachio
  9. Celery: soups, sauces, and vegetable concentrates
  10. Mustard: sauces and condiments
  11. Sesame: bread seeds, flours
  12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites: fishery products, food in vinegar, oil, brine, jams, dried mushrooms, soft drinks, fruit juices
  13. Lupine: roast, small salami and flours that contain it
  14. Molluscs: scallops, razom clam, heart, date shell, clams, hard clam, garagolo, slug, mussels, murex, oyster, sea patella, sea truffle, sea tellina
  • Marked products can undergo a freezing process (rapid freezing)